c y r i l o n e o u s
nice legs daisy dukes make the horn go  🎺🎺
Sorry, Axe. My brand is better.
Wip // Spec work for Sysco
wip | For screen printing
I think I like it~
It’s almost there…

The burgundy should be a bit brighter, yeah?
Super productive today! Got 20 prints finished with two layers!
Printed the cyan layer on Bristol, and tested the magenta layer on a transparent sheet.
They turned out better than expected! I’m really excited!

Growing Pain

I have a month.

It’s really weird to be on break for the rest of the month. Strangely, I’m not used to not having something design-related to work on.

Anyway, one more semester to go before I graduate! :D Which means Portfolio is around the corner. Eeeep. I really need to prepare and get organized to save myself from a whole lotta agony and tears later. c:

I’m sitting here listing all the projects I’ve done since starting the GD + DM program that would make acceptable candidates for my portfolio.

I counted 25, and from that, there are 11 of them that I would consider putting in my portfolio. I think we’re supposed to have a minimum of 10, but I wanna keep myself open to a lot of options.

So, I want to do an independent project so I can fill in the gaps with more of what I need, which are branding and packaging pieces.


  • Alcohol packaging (beer, wine, flavored vodka, etc.)
  • Honey packaging
  • Kickboxing gear packaging
  • (I wish I could do a zombie/apocalypse themed project…)
  • Space Survival Kit
  • A poster series
  • ???

I’m not sure. I could do something specifically for a masculine audience. Most of what I have are colorful, feminine/unisex, and playful, so I could hunker down and do something classy, stylish, and striking for the boys. Iiiiiiiidk.

If anyone miraculously read this post in its entirety, and has any questions/comments/feedback/ideas, I welcome it with open arms and a chocolate chip cookie.

WIP - Final Packaging Project - Matchboxes
Say hello to my brain-child, cozy bear.
He likes honey and apples and lazy human activities.