c y r i l o n e o u s

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name: Cyril

nickname: Cy, Cyriloneous

birthday: December 29th

gender: Female

sexuality: existent 

height: 5’3

time zone: EST

time: August 30th, 1:53pm

average hours of sleep: 6-9 hours.

otp: you x me, baby ;)

first word to come to mind: orange

last thing I said to family: “God, this game.”

one place that makes me happy: Where ever my man is. YEAH I WENT THERE SHHHh.

how many blankets do I sleep under: One, and maybe a second one to cover my feet. If it’s hot, I won’t sleep with one. I’ll just hug a pillow or something. 

favorite beverage: thisthis, and this. and maybe this too.

tag: (you guys don’t have to do this if you don’t want to :P)  ctraann bunnieblossoms atedea majamfox oarchitexture smashingly noxification stormbug and whoever wants to do this. ^^

Last night, basically. 



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Am I not doing my job?



do you ever “accidentally” lay down in your bed when you are tired, but you have to do things, and find yourself trapped in the everlasting comfortableness of your bed.


Rough week.

If I were an inanimate object, I’d be a shriveled-up Capri-sun found in a back alley gutter with the yellow siphon stuck into the bottom instead of the elusive poke-hole that mocks you when you miss and dulls the tip of your only means of effectively imbibing the watered-down high-fructose corn syrup. 

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This is my 25,000th post.

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Because I am accident-prone.
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Wake up and look me in the eyes again
I need to feel your hand upon my face
Words can be like knives
They can cut you open

I’m in love.