c y r i l o n e o u s

Welp, back to square one.

6:00am - Woke up prematurely. Back to sleep.

7:00am - Alarm goes off. Wanted to die.

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This Chain Won't Break
Wild Nothing · Nocturne
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Wild Nothing / ”This Chain Won’t Break”

My circadian rhythms are out of wack.

Perhaps, all I mean to say is that I adore you. Because, in a way, I think I can be senseless with you and still make sense. Because you’re devastatingly real.
Everytime you open your eyes I fall deeper in love with the story they tell.
The lineup.
I’m going to die.
I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.
If I told you I’ve worked hard to get where I’m at, I’d be lying, because I have no idea where I am right now.
- ― Jarod Kintz (via psych-quotes)

I can now see why people are alcoholics,

Why people go to bars and hope for connection.

I don’t know why I thought about and understood it just now.

"I’m feeling okay, but only for the moment,” 

Was a muted status-update, announcement in their eyes,

Swallowing ice and smoke-screened, pulsing lights.

It’s quick, fleeting “okay-ness.” A diversion. A lie.

"Only for a moment,"

I dreaded all night.

I believe in art. We can’t have truth, because truth is so difficult. But we can have beauty. My obsession is to give to you something different. When civilization ends, Greece, Egypt, India—the only thing that endures is art. A country that does not have art despairs. War is not beautiful. Banks are not beautiful. Architecture used to have a lot of style, not anymore. Religion is not beautiful. Politics is not beautiful. What is beautiful now? Tell me. What is beautiful now?
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Beach House · Bloom
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Myth - Beach House