c y r i l o n e o u s
Ruin me, Rhythm.
I ride steep waves — dissipate.
Undulate with me.

this migraine feels like death 

why do migraines exist

i hate u mother nature

u jerkface

It felt wrong to be
pulling out of your driveway.
"Please stay," you whispered.

It’s happened. It’s finally happened.

Got my first speeding ticket. My first one, e v e r.

And I feel strangely sentimental and so happy to be sharing this with you.

*sheds a tear*


I got served in the name of the moon🌙 (at Hawkers Asian Street Fare)

"I love you. I hope you go to sleep knowing that."
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The Saltwater Room
Owl City · Ocean Eyes
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Time together isn’t ever quite enough


everything personal♡
She is alone
With all the old nocturnal smells
That cross and cross across her brain.